The New Guitar

You’ve owned for 20 years.

Bunyip guitars are made in Brisbane.  Bunyip use Australian timbers to manufacture their guitars and have developed their own electronics  to give them a vintage tone with a unique voicing.

Customisable Pickups

Bunyip have both their own 'silent single' coil and humbucking pickups They also use Orpheus Pickups by David Paul in some custom shop models where a bespoke voicing is required by the customer.

Iconic Shape

The Bunyip Tee series is a Telecaster inspired shape drawing from the history of the designer working at Fender

High Quality Timber

Bunyip guitars have maple on maple necks with 22 modern nickel-silver frets in a '60's influenced neck profile. Two neck thicknesses are available.

How to build a bunyip

Australian made guitars 


For going platinum for international radio distribution 

Bunyip TV

This is the sights and sounds of the various Bunyip models and Bunyip players.